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The original story of unique fingerprint rings 2

        Even if the ring is absolutely fabulous,tissot automatic but Pule’s inner thought the replica bags ring does not perfect, and not representative of his unique inside of the innocent love. 
        Until one day Pule remanded a silver ring, he un-careful to burn his finger and when he handle finger, he found that had left a fingerprint traces on the silver ring. Suddenly, he got an idea, the fingerprint is unique in the world, and then he printed his fingerprint secretly in the ring inside, that he had made a unique diamond ring for Julie.
         When Julie got this diamond ring, she was also attracted by this diamond, and she found a fingerprint at the ring’s inside, she know that there is only one person would be risking the danger of scalding hot to make this unique ring for her. He is Pule.
          Years later, Julie's husband, Vahram general killed in a war. Julie is in the great grief, and do not listen as the family’s the arrangement, she determined to find the true owner of the ring that has been fully preserved in the hearts of lovers. Finally inscribed in a "fingerprint ring – love is unique because of you" sign of the jewelry shop, Julie found a former lover Pule.
         Later, the couple had not separated all times, In Julie's strong support, Pule start to spreading ring finger ring, and fingerprint of the culture. With this beautiful and legendary love story, fingerprint diamond ring in the 18th century the French were sought after, and love people have engraved in the ring on the finger, feeling each other's true feelings and wishes.
         At present, the fingerprint rings we can find that be used in many different kinds of jewelry. Such as the steel jewellery, tungsten jewellery and so on. The fingerprint rings are also can be as the moody’s jewelry.
7.9.10 09:45


The original story of unique fingerprint rings 1

          At present, the fashion jewelry is very important for the people.boned corset Such as the steel rings for men, laser rings or other carbon fiber jewelry. All of this jewelry would have its special features.
          In the 18th century, French political was vicissitudes and the war was frequently.
          Miss Julie was only daughter of Healy noble Earl. She was 18-year-old and beautiful. She had loved by many nobles. But no one can attract her. She wanted to own pure and memorable love. 
          One day, Jolie got the jewelry in a luxury jewelry store, she met the handsome jewelry craftsmen- Pule. She was attracted by this man with special charming. And in the mind of Pule, Julie was his goddess. Then they fall in love.
Happiness is often short-lived, when they ready to get marry,  they met harsh realities. Julie need saving her family, she was forced to marry promising Vahram general. 
         When Pule got this news, he feels so heartrending. And the other more upset news was he got a task of making the wedding diamond rings for Vahram and Julie. He decided blessing Julie, and made a unique wedding diamond ring for her.
         Pule spent all his savings and spend all relationships, buy a 3-carat color diamonds from South Africa, although not the biggest, but clarity and color are rare treasures. When the diamond ring was finished, it attracted many nobles come to buy at high prices, but Pule refused. 
7.9.10 09:37

Alexandre leading the trend of Asian Hair 2

          And you also can pandora charms select the fashion tungsten jewelry or carbon fiber jewelry to echo with you rolex fake hair jewelry.
          At the tungsten bracelets markets, we will find that some special bracelets can be as the unique hair jewelry to wear.
          The most noble of Alexandre Zouari - Haute Couture Series
          Star hair master Alexandre Zouari opened amours hair salons and beauty salons in Paris, is also a recognized fashion pioneer. Quarterly Alexandre Zouari produced hair accessories, design and graphics by Zouari personally, then by the top craftsmen in Europe to make his magnificent vision into reality.
The most prominent of the brands-Haute Couture series, is carefully selected the best of the material, produced exclusively by the high fashion luxury silk, leather, fur, and even the staff carefully selected beautiful Swarovski crystals, pearls and precious stones of Bohemia. Manufacturing processes of each hair accessories, from molding, mosaic as well as grinding and so intricate, the demand for ultra-high craft, in Europe only a few seasoned technologists can make the Alexandre Zouari's magnificent design to perfect practice, to create a amazing product.
         Spared no expense create the most extravagant fancy hair  ornaments had become the symbol of  Alexandre Zouari, to make the hair accessories of production level to enhance the artistic level.
         The last thing need to be pay attention is when you select the suitable ring jewelry to mix with your hair jewelry, that you should pay attention to the ring size. It is because some too big rings hard to be matched with.
7.9.10 09:25

Alexandre leading the trend of Asian Hair 1

         French hair jewelry band Alexandre Zouari which was created by Paris dior shoes teacher Alexandre Zouari launched the latest in Asia designed for VIP customers "Advanced Hair custom services", leading the industry trend. Cheap mens watches
          This exclusive service is in response to the earnest request of many customers introduced. More and more discerning customers expect them to attend the party in possession of the dress, evening dress or a favorite fashion, making a perfect match hundred percent of the hair accessories. From now on, you can from the brand's Haute Couture line, choose any favorite hair accessories, raised hope that the changes to the details, from the color, size, material selection (such as advanced fabric, leather, imitation tortoise shell, metal or fur, etc.) Bohemian Crystal and gemstones as well as inlay work, can make a change with personal preferences. For example, when you take part in a party, you select to wear stainless steel rings, or stamping rings or other directions for making beaded jewelry, you can wear fitting hair jewelry to matching with each other.
         Alexandre Zouari’s technicians who are with memorable experience in Europe would depend on your specific requirements in mind to create your perfect hair accessories. In addition, you can attach the image of clothes to ask Alexandre Zouari designed commissioner in the European to tailor-made most magnificent hair ornaments which are matching for yourselves. We often would find at the shop for fashion jewelry rings also have the suitable hair jewelry to sell.
          This special service would make every woman's dream come true. As long as you are Alexandre Zouari VIP customers that you can enjoy the beauty of the benefits!
7.9.10 09:19

Platinum-new products of spring and summer 2010, "Time"

         Platinum Jewelry "time"
         Platinum ring linked together,hermes shoes as an important moment of life, the precious moments forever etched, a multi-wear,dunk high it is not only necklace, but also available matching as bracelet and earrings to create a dedicated your beautiful life. 
         Platinum Ring "time"
         Delicate soft ring be around with the unique ingenuity, bearing a symbol of endless years of platinum gold rings, it can be your ring and also as a pendant, hung the precious on heart.
         Interpretation I: joy 
         Simply took platinum ring to overlap in front, as putting the Happy Hour thread in mind.
         Interpretation 2: expectations
         Platinum ring one by one in series, like wind chimes which full of expectations, ring in the life.
         Interpretation 3: memorable
         To take a short chain fastened to a platinum ring, as the sentence of memorable heartfelt thoughts to be always lingered.
         Interpretation 4: cheer
         Platinum ring linked together and matching with two chains instantly became a silver color bracelet, to cheer for their fuel.
         Interpretation 5: aftertaste
         Platinum ring cleverly transformed into the buckles, with long chain to elegantly hang to the back, as memories to be after tasted in the years.
         Pierce precious time interpretation the beautiful life
         The refined platinum rings are chain by chain to testimony of a woman's precious. Platinum Guild International as a woman many precious moments as source of inspiration to design the distinctive new design concepts and rings platinum jewelry "time", to perfectly show the platinum feature of able to maintain white. Smart design of platinum ring is like shinning footprints in the life, recording each piece belongs to a woman's precious time. Each platinum ring has a sophisticated small buckle, designer through the connection between circle and the circle, for the "time" to create a multi-wear, fashion wild bright spot, as long as platinum ring with different lengths of platinum chains free comminuted, with your heart and change, "time" will create a unique necklace, also can appear as elegant sparkling bracelets and earrings. Precious platinum is on the collar, ears, gestures as different features to record each of memory worth treasuring, strung the expression of different precious moment.
       By the way, if you thought the platinum jewelry is expensive, you can also consider our other kinds of products. We took the tungsten jewelry and titanium jewelry as the samples to say about. They are all the same nice as the platinum jewelry.
1.9.10 11:55

Selecting a Unique Gift

           If all these items do not make you feel that they are unique for gifting,replica shoes you could consider creating something of your own for your recipient. Like you could create a unique gift basket with all the things the recipient enjoys found in the gift basket rolex fake. Or instead, you could get one of the many gift certificates shops and shopping centers offer today. With a gift certificate,wholesale sexy lingerie the recipient can buy whatever is preferred using the gift coupon in the respective shops. You could also create a personalized card, expressing your feelings for the recipient along with a general gift. It is the wordings and the card that will express your feelings and make the person feel unique for the gift that you gift them. You can always look out for unique gifts either on the Internet, or somewhere around you. It all depends on your idea of a unique gift, and the recipient, and of course, the occasion.
            Actually, we can say that the jewelry is one of the best gift choices. If you want to select the expensive jewelry, such as the platinum jewelry or the crystal jewelry or the diamond jewelry and so on, and if you want to select the cheap jewelry, the stainless steel jewelry, tungsten jewelry and other metal jewelry is your best choices.
1.9.10 11:45

Something of starting a jewelry business

            Making jewelry is therapeutic and profitable, you can make it at home, be your own boss,air force work at the hours when you feel best and, above all,herve leger is a wonderful profession in which you add beauty to people life’s through your jewels. Making jewelry is fun! But why is it that so many jewelry makers, some very talented,pandora charms fall along the way and never reach their full potential? Mainly, for reasons that do not have to do at all with jewelry making, and the most common four are lack of commitment, procrastination, lack of confidence and of course, lack of knowledge about business and marketing techniques.
          1. If you do not have a studio, set up one. Yes, as small business owners we must sacrifice home spaces to our business. Cluttering the dining room or using a small corner will affect directly into your productivity and creativity. You need space, organization, light, and a door you can close whenever you decide your work has finished for today.
          2. Dare to dream, and do not underestimate yourself and try every crazy idea that comes to you mind... all of the biggest jewelry artists of the world were somewhere you are now. They made it because they were bold and trusted their own abilities. That business card design or new packaging boiling in your head deserves, at least, a try.
         3. Do not be scared of asking for favors to relative and friends when you agree starting, and always reward them in any way you can. A favor any female member in your family will love to do to you is wearing your gorgeous jewelry on parties and special events and of course without having to buy it! They will return it to you after showing your prom jewelry to many people; of course you should provide them with business cards!
         4. Learn to make good picas of your work, or you will never sell online. You can make a simple light box and digital camera and tripod are necessary. Learn to use the macro and light sensitivity settings of your camera and experiments with backgrounds and displays. That can make your fashion designer jewelry to be whole display. 
         5. Be very patient. There are no fast success stories in jewelry making. You will have to prove you are really committed to your work If you do not start now, it will never come!
1.9.10 11:36

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