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English SEO voice of experience

         Now is the best at trade B2C, B2C e-commerce familiar with the whole process, jewelry, surgical line of products to promote more, and accumulated some resources. For operators station has a long experience in actual combat, methods of operation from the original promotional one-way blog promotion to a variety of means.
         English SEO have to do a couple of years time, by the failure of the first English station began. Large and small sites have done more than 100, and had its first experience of an English station, behind the station had experience with the method, and then stood on the insane, and to the English stations now operate about a hundred more .
          About promotional measures for the implementation of different websites in different ways, some supportive sites, requires the effects of short and fast, will join the black hat the right way. However, the target products site, you can not use black hat methods, as long-term development of the site, with the black hat to promote equivalent to suicide.
        Case can be very large bar, large and small sites are about 30 or so, do all the station's promotion of the gradual transition from long tail keywords to the main objectives of key words, did the main key words are: saint yves, Replica Handbags, jimmy choo shoes, classic tall ugg, tiffany necklace ... etc.

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